The quality of every component produced on a CNC machine is highly dependent on the machine's performance. Problems with a machine inevitably result in inspection failures, scrapped components and unexpected downtime.

All too frequently, quality and inspection procedures identify problems after components have been produced. However, this is often too late to rectify any of the incurred scrap and down-time costs. For this reason it is essential that your machine performance is checked professionally.

A complete machine performance check and laser test calibration by WD Engineering can increase productivity, improve component quality and cut down on expensive rejects. It will also help to maintain and look after your valuable machine tools.

WD Engineering use the Renishaw XL-80 laser calibration system; the most advanced laser calibration system in the world together with the Renishaw QC10 ballbar system which is internationally recognised as the ideal solution to quickly check machine tools and is ideal for use between scheduled laser calibrations.

Why we use the Renishaw system

Faster and more thorough

The Renishaw system can be used in the most inaccessible regions of the machine tool, with it we can carry out more machine tests than than other system and do more tests more quickly, giving you more accuracy and less downtime.

Accurate, and stable at all temperatures and pressures

The Renishaw XL-80 uses an extremely stable laser beam and dynamically compensates for thermal and barometric variation. It's the most accurate machine tool calibration system there is.






Material normalisation
accuracy using XL-80

How you benefit

New installation

Calibrate new machine installations and create a datum point on which to base future calibrations.

Continuous component accuracy

Maintain the accuracy of your machine tools and allow for machine wear to ensure accuracy of components throughout the life of the machine.

Set higher standards

Work to tighter tolerances safe in the knowledge that your machine tools can match your expectations.

Plan better with predictive maintenance

Plan ahead with machine shut down times to suit you, confidently replacing only those parts which you know need replacing.


Demonstrate compliance with ISO, ASME and JIS standards. Use the calibrated accuracy of your machines to increase customer confidence and the value of your brand.